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Who do you see? An old women or a young women?

Posted on June 13, 2016 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (4076)

When you look at the picture above, what do you see? An old women, a young women, or both?


We see ourselves, others and the world around us based on our beliefs and from those beliefs we make assumptions and perceive ourselves, others and the world around us. Is it possible that we have a choice in the way we see ourselves, others and the world around us?


Is it possible that the world we are experiencing is an illusory reflection of our inner worlds combined?

If you find yourself often in conflict with your loved ones or people around you, or even yourself, if you find yourself seeing “what is wrong” with yourself, your loved ones or people around you more often than “what is right” with yourself, your loved ones or people around you,...


I understand this, I understand it because I used to think & feel that way too for most of my adult life. I questioned "why" in everything I was told to do and tried to make sense out of it all and experienced much frustration and anger from being intolerant of others and their ways....


And then it finally came home to me after being reminded of the possibility that each and every one of us are divine spiritual beings who have chosen to be born on Earth to experience a life of adventure and fun, and to experience joy of creation. Pain & sufferings are included as part of the creation process.  But then we arrive here with no memory of whe we really are and there is a veil of forgetfulness.  We forgot that it is a game that we had created; a polarity game with made up rules to experience the extreme opposites and all that comes in between;- good & evil, right & wrong, rich & poor, masculine & feminine, spiritual & physical, yin & yang...and all the other dualities you can think of, it is all part of the game on earth that we helped to create.

Well, there you are, I am passing it on to you! You have been reminded to remember the possibility of who you are and why you are here! 

As divine sparks, our natural state of being is infinite, healing, loving, peaceful, creative and abundant and our individual realities are experienced according to the thought forms projected through our brains and through our actions, i.e. our words and deeds

So then, what is in the way of experiencing our divine natural state of being?

Well, we can imagine, as divine sparks living in a human body, we all have some basic needs;


  • we have physical needs - food, water, air, rest, shelter, touch, and sexual expression, protection from life threatening forms of life: viruses, bacteria, insects & predatory animals 
  • emotional & mental needs - play, challenge, fun, choosing dreams/goals/values & plans for fulfilling one’s dreams/goals/values, celebrating life, mourning loss, finding meaning, self-worth, authenticity, creative expression, acceptance, appreciation, closeness, community, consideration, contribution to the enrichment of life, openness, empathy, honesty, love, respect, support, reassurance, trust, understanding
  • and we have spiritual needs - beauty, harmony, inspiration, order & peace.


And there are some basic feelings that we all experience depending on whether our needs are fulfilled or not.


  • We feel good when our needs are met - Comfortable, Thankful, Confident, Eager, Energetic, Fulfilled, Glad, Hopeful, Inspired, Intrigued, Joyous, Moved, Optimistic, Proud, Relieved, Stimulated, Surprised, Amazed, Touched, Supported
  • but we don’t feel so good when they are not - Concerned, Disappointed, Embarrassed, Lonely, Puzzled, Reluctant, Sad, Uncomfortable, Unsupported.


And like any thoughts & feelings, these feelings are temporary in nature, if we choose to let them go. However, when we choose to keep them, we tend to create more of them. Thus, harboring negative thoughts & feelings invites more negative thoughts & feelings and it tends to trigger negative actions that we invariably regret later.

But when we are deprived of our needs through trauma or abrupt changes in our lives, like sudden loss of our loved ones, unexpected job loss or breakup in our relationships, we may feel much stronger feelings that may be expressed in words here; Abandoned, Discouraged, Distressed, Humiliated, Hurt, Inadequate, lost, Rejected, Upset, Grief, Sorrow, Vulnerable, Terror, Horror, Shock, Unworthy, Worthlessness, Shame, Guilt.

At this point, unless we can train our mind & body to heal and let go of these intense and desperate thoughts and feelings and forgive the perpetrator, they can end up being trapped in our memory and drive us to live in fear, in anticipation of our needs being deprived for the rest of our lives. And these fears may well arouse even stronger feelings than the original feelings triggered from the initial deprivation event; Anger, Aggression, Anxiety, Worry, Confusion, Defensiveness, Desperation, Doubt, Depression, Distrust, Dread, Frustration, Helplessness, Hopelessness, Impatience, Insecurity, Jealousy, Nervousness, Overwhelmed, Panic, Pessimism, Timidity.

Furthermore, when we are unable to forgive and continue to harbor these negative thoughts & feelings, they tend to generate more desperate needs that trigger even more and stronger feelings following the initial deprivation event, creating a spiral effect of negative thoughts & emotions that may end up causing health challenges and/or violence in many cases. In my experience, I found that at the root of these strong feelings are some desperate needs triggered by fear; a desperate need to control others - being intolerant of others and wanting them to change, a desperate need for revenge, a desperate need to condemn, blame and punish the perpetrator, and a desperate need to win at any cost. So until we can heal and release these negative thought patterns & emotions, our inner peace will remain unattainable. It has also been my experience that these thought patterns and trapped emotions get passed down from one generation to the next as well as passed between close family members. 

When we have attained our inner peace by healing all that is not at ease within ourselves, we have attained our wholeness where we are physically energized, mentally focused, emotionally connected and spiritually aligned. And as we feel our wholeness, we are able to recognize the guidance offered by Divine Spirit in choosing our actions to realize our dreams.  

So then, is it possible that our healing journey is simply remembering who we are, restoring our inner light, our divine spark and expanding & growing that light to heal that part of ourselves that is not at ease? And at the same time holding that space for others to do the same? Is it possible when we can let go of those thoughts and feelings that are in the way of the divine natural state of being, we are able choose to experience adventure and fun in realizing our dreams? Perhaps, it may well be possible to choose to create and experience Heaven here on Earth right now! 



Let us forgive! Part III

Posted on December 12, 2015 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (7054)

Let us forgive, forgive ourselves for hurting ourselves! We may or may not have intended it, let us forgive ourselves. We blamed ourselves for all that went wrong in our lives. Let us forgive ourselves! We did not know that we are divine sparks, and we were mistaken to blame ourselves. Perhaps, we wished that we could undo what happened and felt that we did not do enough. Perhaps we felt that things should, could or would have been different if we should, could or would have done differently. Well we know now that we are divine sparks and that all that has happened allowed us to learn our lessons and to awaken ourselves. Let us forgive, forgive ourselves for hurting ourselves! We may or may not have intended it, let us forgive ourselves! Namaste! 

Let us forgive! Part II

Posted on December 11, 2015 at 11:55 AM Comments comments (2447)

Let us forgive, forgive ourselves for hurting others! We may or may not have intended it, let us forgive ourselves! We may not have known that we are divine sparks, and we were mistaken to retaliate or may not have been aware that our actions hurt others. Perhaps, we were hurt by a bully and needed to express our hurt feelings. It is easy to blame and become a victim. Perhaps, we were too passionate & overpowering, being a bully as we express ourselves. It is easy being a bully when we are passionate & not aware of others. Let us forgive, forgive ourselves for hurting others! We may or may not have intended it, let us forgive ourselves! Namaste!

Let us forgive! Part I

Posted on December 5, 2015 at 3:10 PM Comments comments (2713)

Let us forgive, forgive those who are hurting us, for they may or may not know who they are, they may have forgotten who they really are and they may or may not be aware that they are hurting us. Let us forgive them and show them by example who we all are, a divine spark of love experiencing life on Earth in a human body. As a divine spark, living in a human body, we all have needs, some more desperate than others, depending on our past life experiences. While we all need to protect ourselves from harms way, we need not retaliate and cause more harm. The act of retaliation is from those who do not know who we are. We can negotiate and find a harmonious solution to all problems we have created as a result of forgetting who we are!  Let us forgive, forgive those who are hurting us, for they may or may not know who they are, they may have forgotten who they really are and they may not be aware that they are hurting us. Let us forgive them and show them by example who we all are, a divine spark of love experiencing life on Earth in a human body.  Namaste!

Love is...

Posted on November 30, 2015 at 8:30 PM Comments comments (5221)

Love is holding on when you feel like letting go

Love is letting go when you feel like holding on

Love is knowing when to choose silence

Love is sincere

Love is kind 

Love is patient

Love is forgiving

Love is gratitude

Love is having fun

Love is now

Love is eternal

Love is You!

Are you Holistically Fit?

Posted on November 26, 2015 at 2:30 AM Comments comments (7944)

What is holistic fitness and why does one need it?

Holistic fitness goes beyond physical fitness to attain unity of mind, body and divine spirit in order to complete our destiny, one’s life purpose, bringing greater joy to one’s life. In fact, one can be physically fit but not necessarily be holistically fit! With an open heart and mind, one is able to discover our true nature which is peaceful and compassionate, and also to discover the infinite potential of one’s brain. Each and every one of us has a part to contribute to this world to create a better planet. The place to start is with oneself.

All human beings are born with a powerful brain and have a destiny to fulfill in this life time, but our brain can get tarnished by negative life experiences. However, when we have a dream, our brain is able to recover its original power, its original state of perfection. Almost everyone has some idea of what they would like to be like physically, mentally and spiritually, and if we can visualize it, feel it and be it, we can manifest it by taking right actions. Through regular practice of yoga and meditation, we are able to attain contentment and clarity in our state of being and are able to focus our minds in creating the reality of our dreams thus finding our soul’s purpose and achieving our dreams. To that end Holistic Healing & Yoga offers a unique combination of programs designed to help our clients maintain their holistic fitness to promote inner peace for health & vitality.  In addition to regular practice of Holistic Yoga and Healing meditation programs, HHY offers Master Heart Coaching Program to help our clients realize their dreams and Aikido practice which is a form of healing marshal arts that allows participants to experience unification of mind, body, and spirit whilst working with a partner.   Check out the website to learn more about the introductory webinar on HHY programs

Meditation, the Way to Express Divine Love, My Healing Journey

Posted on August 28, 2015 at 2:25 AM Comments comments (3242)

Born in South Korea, at the age fifteen, I moved to Southern Africa with my mother, two brothers and a sister to join my father in Orapa, Botswana, a diamond mind where he worked. Although we reunited with my father after 9 years of separation, I experienced loneliness of separation from my friends and relatives in Korea as well as difficulty in learning to speak English. Then when I was twenty one my birth family emmigrated to USA but I could not accompany them due to US immigration law and I ended up living in South Africa for 22 years, completing my formal education, building a professional career, getting married, having two children, getting divorced & remarried and finally getting a job offer to relocate to USA with immigration visa for my family.

 My transformation journey began more than 20 years ago in South Africa when I began practicing meditation soon after my youngest brother passed from brain cancer while he was in the US army. I believe that his spiritual energy guided me to meet a Tantric monk who became my yoga & meditation teacher. Within 6 weeks of consistent daily practice, I was able to enter into the blissful state of being enveloped in white light.  Since then I practiced Tantric yoga & meditation daily while raising my family and working full time in the IT industry for more than 10 years. It helped me to cope not only with work stress and challenges of raising a family after a divorce but also to pull through the trauma & grief I experienced soon after reuniting with my birth family in the USA. Every night, I would practice meditation to let go of all stressful thoughts and emotions before going to sleep and every morning I would practice asana followed by meditation to release all fear & tension and was able to start each day with a clean slate. And it was not until when my son left home as soon as he finished high school, his departure was too abrupt, I was heart broken and I found Holistic Yoga & Vision meditation very powerful in restoring my inner peace and decided to receive further training to be an instructor and healer. But despite of all the intensive training I received, I found that my inner peace was in delicate state that had to be maintained through constant Bowing meditation practice which involved rigorous physical movement.

Since then I had the opportunities to learn and practice Transcendental meditation, Brain Wave Vibration, DanMuDo Basic form (Korean Taichi), Emotion Code, Affirmative Prayer, Healing Code, Energy healing meditation and Guided meditation.

 One of the challenges I faced for a long time on this journey had been to be able to see things as they truly are and at the same time to be aware of my own reactive, habitual thoughts & emotions that get triggered whenever certain situations arose. And I found that meditation practice allowed me to go deeper within myself to see the assumptions or preconceptions and beliefs behind those thoughts & emotions, especially the negative ones so that I could discern for the right choice of action in words and deeds.

 Holistic Yoga & Vision meditation, Brain Wave Vibration, DanMuDo Basic form (Korean Taichi) and Bowing meditation practice, like any other moving meditation practice, all offered a great relief from the stresses I was experiencing at that time and helped restoring my inner peace, although it was short lived most of the time. They helped me stay in fairly good physical shape too, however, it was Transcendental meditation that helped me to see that my stress was actually caused by my own reaction to what is happening. My emotions were being triggered and get charged under certain situations over and over again, completely blind to see what is as is. While all the other meditation techniques offered a relief from the emotionally charged state of being, it was not until I learned about Emotion code that I was able to release the underlying trapped emotional trigger that was repeatedly causing me to get upset every time certain situation arose. I was able to release more than 60 trapped emotions over 3 month period using this technique. Well, after all that, it is not to say that I no longer get upset but I can say that I am no longer triggered unconsciously and this means that I am now fully aware of myself when things do upset me but I have full control over that emotional energy within myself to express it in any way I consciously choose and this has helped me feel truly empowered and authentic.

 Then I discovered Affirmative prayer and Healing code and created Energy Healing Meditation synthesizing the two healing methods. This technique recognizes and uses the power of spoken word, viz. affirmative prayer and I found it to be a quick simple way to release hurt feelings and restore inner peace. You can access the 12min Video recording of the Energy Healing Meditation here.   Living as human beings, it has been my experience that we carry a great deal of inner selves; that part of us which we are born with (our personalities with our likes & dislikes), that which we have inherited from our ancestors and that which we have absorbed from others and environment.  And in our daily interactions with famiy, friends & coworkers, I found that we say and do things that hurt each other, often unintentionally or unaware, so it is important to release these hurt feelings as and when they arise before they turn into resentment.

 Then I came across a Guided meditation technique that helped me to release those stubborn thought patterns or perceptions that interfered with my inner peace, they were like voices in the head. I immediately recognized its powerful healing effect and its simple way to release potentially all that needed to be healed through guided intentions, commands & affirmations. And what followed was the creation of Holistic Healing Meditation program synthesizing all of the healing & meditation techniques I have experienced to date.   It is delivered in a series of guided meditation sessions to be practiced over 6 week period to enable one to restore inner peace completely under all circumstances so one can live one’s passion with grace and ease. And since then, my meditation practice has shifted from letting go of interfering thoughts to now recognizing who I am, why I am here, and envisioning & affirming what I choose to create. And I found that it helps to ask for divine guidance and this allows intuitive thoughts to emerge. I found that all meditation practice is healing because it helps to create space within to see oneself as one really is at any given time and to embrace oneself in divine loving attention and this in turn allows one to be able to hold that space for others as well.

Through this blog, my intention was to give the reader an overview of the different meditation practices as I experienced them at different stage of my transformation journey to date and also to serve as a back ground information for the participants of the 6 week Holistic Healing Meditation Program.   More specific details of each meditation practices mentioned here are described in the Appendix in the HHM Program Guide.

Looking back now, my goal of meditation has been and will continues to be and that is to be able to focus my attention on whatever I consciously choose so I can consciously express divine love & compassion for myself and others. And it is my view that if and when one can relinquish all that causes uneasiness within oneself with what is, so that one can be fully present in each moment as we live each day, then every day living becomes daily meditation itself by expressing divine love in each present moment in our own unique way.


Kyung Sun Yi-O'Kelly
Your Partner in Our Healing Journey



Poem / Prayer to end suffering on Earth

Posted on March 25, 2015 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (1486)

Poem / Prayer to end suffering on Earth

May those who are hungry find healthy food to eat

May those who are homeless find comfortable home to live

May those who are lonely find their companions

May those who are hurt heal fast

May those who are sick recover their health

May those who are grieving let go of their attachment

May those who are in pain, anger & fear heal themselves

May those who are discouraged recover their courage

May all find clarity, balance, focus and confidence to live their passion with grace & ease

May love, joy and peace prevail on Earth forever!