A Self healing journey to freedom, Envisioning a world where everyone thrives

Posted on June 3, 2019 at 11:05 AM

Hi there,

My name is Kyung, I’m a healer & coach and I’ve been helping courageous individuals restore their inner light, divine spark since 2009. I am the creator of holistic healing meditation program and also the author of 7 holistic practices for harmonious living, a self healing journey to freedom.  My intention today is to share with you my findings on this journey so far.


You may be wondering, Freedom from what? I mean Freedom from anything that is keeping me from being and feeling my best in this moment and doing my best knowing that all is well and that all my needs will be met today, and my desires, if not today, tomorrow or someday in the future but most importantly knowing that we are all dearly loved as we do so for each other.    And any discomfort we may be feeling right now will pass when we work on healing it.


In my self healing journey, I found that practice of yoga, meditation, taichi/gi-gong, dance and martial arts are all very good in that besides being fun, they helped me to create space in my body & mind, becoming aware of my thoughts and emotions in my state of being so that I can discern the right action to take at any given moment, so that I can be in touch with my intuition, my inner guidance.


And I also found that the way I see (or perceive) this world proceeded all that followed in my life experience, so the idea of envisioning a world where everyone thrives was born.


And now, you may be wondering, everyone thriving? Yes, I mean, we can imagine and envision everyone being alive and doing the best one can or being the best one can be and that may be very different from one person to the next.


As divine sparks, no matter what condition we are in human form, we are divine light beings of pure love, pure joy & pure peace, way beyond this physical form, but at the same time, we exist in duality on earth; in light & dark, good and evil, masculine & feminine, rich & poor, sickness & wellness, love & hate, inside and outside, and we may notice how unique each and every one of us is in this human form, each with unique talents or gifts, and each one facing unique challenges, yet we all experience this reality through our physical senses in the same way by seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching and feeling. We each have unique likes & dislikes and tend to gravitate towards like minded people, towards those who support our views, and turn away from those who do not. And, we feel good when others agree & support our views but not so good when they do not. When this happens we are identifying ourselves with being in this limited human form and the thoughts & emotions that arise from being attached to all that we are by being human, by our needs & desires.


So in my healing journey, rising beyond good & evil meant, first accepting all that is as is, including myself and everyone around me, as I am and as they are, thereby healing all that is not at ease within myself at any given moment. This has helped me in discerning that which I can and cannot control, so that I can choose to focus my attention on that which I can control. Whenever I find myself unable to do so, I embrace myself, embracing duality that is within myself, to heal and let go.


And as I did so, I realized that the reality I was experiencing was my own creation and that I had the power to control my life experiences, that I could rise beyond duality that is within me, and awaken myself from the world of black & white to a colorful world of diversity, beauty and abundance.


Join me on our self healing journey to freedom, let us envision a world where everyone thrives!



Kyung Yi-O'Kelly

PS This picture was actually created by my 8 year old granddaughter, Berlin, coloring the truck pattern inspired by the pictures of colorful trucks from Pakistan.

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