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Identifying Thought Patterns for Release

As you read through the following statements from each aspect of your life, select the ones that you disagree or unsure of and make note of the thoughts in disagreement or unsure. Once you have identified those thought patterns, you can heal and release them by following the steps outlined in the Releasing That No Longer Serves You in the Appendix below.

1. Self Esteem Select if you disagree or unsure

  • I deeply appreciate and accept myself □
  • I love myself unconditionally □
  • I deserve the very best life has to offer □
  • I am confident and self assured □
  • I am proud of my results and comfortable with my successes and my failures □
  • I am a good person □

2. Relationships

  • It’s easy for me to give love to others □
  • It’s easy for me to receive love from others □
  • I am worthy of an intimate, passionate relationship □
  • I am willing to risk loving and being loved □
  • It’s easy for me to express my truth in a relationship □
  • It’s easy for me to grow and change in a relationship □

3. Healthy Body

  • My body heals itself naturally and quickly □
  • I am a good person and deserve to have a healthy body □
  • I love and accept my body as it is, and as it changes □
  • I trust my body to achieve and maintain its ideal weight □
  • I treat my body with love & respect□
  • I feel safe, secure and confident when my body is slim and trim □

4. Spirituality

  • I am loved by Divine Spirit (God, Buddha, Allah, etc.) □
  • I trust Divine Spirit (God, Buddha, Allah, etc.) □
  • I love Divine Spirit (God, Buddha, Allah, etc.) □
  • I am a necessary and important part of the Divine plan □
  • I am guided and protected by Divine Spirit (God, Buddha, Allah, etc.) □
  • I have a personal relationship with Divine Spirit (God, Buddha, Allah, etc.) □

5. Personal Power

  • I have a desire to live well and be fulfilled in this life time □
  • I am optimistic, and open to new or different ideas □
  • I am aware of my thought patterns that are limiting or sabotaging □
  • I am able to control my thoughts & emotions □
  • I am able to keep my words □
  • I am able to focus my attention as I choose with ease □
  • I acknowledge when others criticize me or my actions □
  • I acknowledge when others disagree with my view and/or disapprove my view □
  • I am compassionate when others are unable to be compassionate □
  • I am able to change habits if I choose □
  • I am adaptable, patient, resilient and resourceful □
  • I am peaceful, loving & compassionate □
  • I am connected to and part of the Divine Spirit □
  • My energy is Cosmic/Divine Energy and my mind is Cosmic/Divine mind □

6. Grief & Loss

  • I release all guilt, shame & blame resulting from my past thoughts & actions □
  • I forgive myself & others for love & affection I withheld in anger from myself & others □
  • I fill my mind with positive, nurturing and healing thoughts □
  • I acknowledge my feelings as a necessary part of my healing process □
  • Everything happens in Divine Order □
  • I have faith in myself and my future □

7. Money & Financial Freedom

  • Money flows into my life easily and gracefully
  • I trust myself to manage money honestly and sensibly
  • I enjoy having lots of money and spending it □
  • I love making money doing what I love □
  • I deserve to have all the money I intend to have □
  • Money is one expression of love & gratitude □

~Releasing That No Longer Serves You~

Become conscious of your thought patterns, beliefs, emotions and/or situations surfacing from the past that no longer serve you. Determine if you are ready to release them. If so, allow yourself first to get into the state of safety and compassion by practicing yoga and meditation or any other holistic arts practice you choose, and then follow it with the Pure Rays of Light Meditation

1.Recite the “I AM Invocation”: I AM One Spirit embracing all that is. I AM One Spirit embracing all that is. I AM One Spirit embracing all that is. I AM Pure Light. I AM Pure Love. I AM Pure Wisdom, I AM Pure Power, I AM Pure Grace. I AM Sovereign and Free. I AM the Being of Synthesis and Fusion. I AM That I Am.   

2. Then specifically state what you want to release through the command statement: “I now command the cellular structure of my physical body, my energy body, my spiritual body and my chakra system to release and surrender my thought pattern, belief, emotion or situation that _______________________ (fill in the blank) throughout all times, all dimensions, all realities and all levels of consciousness. I surrender my cells and cell memory into the perfect patterns of creation. I surrender wholly and completely into integration union into open hearted courage and trust in my ability to respond intuitively with grace and ease to every situation.

3.Perform the piston breaths until you feel complete. Breathe in and out through your mouth, with your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Breathe deeply into your belly, not your chest. Your belly should be going up and down like a piston. Use a moderate pace that is not so fast you will hyperventilate or so slow that you loose focus. With your imagination, you can create some kind of signal that tells you when you have completely released the mental and emotional energy patterns, for example, visualization of the outcome you desire, seeing it, feeling it and being it wholly & completely.

4.Ground your new consciousness into your body and ground your body into the Earth, and follow with the Pure Rays of Light Meditation.

~Pure Rays of Light Meditation (Affirmation in the Relaxed state)~

Repeat the following, sitting or lying in a comfortable position for as long as you can.

In pure rays of light, gleams the divinity of the world. In pure love towards all that is, radiates the divinity of my soul. As I rest in the divinity of the world, I shall find myself within the divinity of the world.

You are the light of the world, let your light shine upon us!



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