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~ Private Holistic Healing & Yoga Program Options ~

We offer Private sessions Online via video conference calls as well as in person at an agreed location.

If you are looking to start yoga practice, here are the options for Private Holistic Yoga sessions with Kyung:

  • 3x (75min) Private Holistic Yoga sessions for $297 valid for one month.
  • 3xWeekly (75min) Private Holistic Yoga sessions (12 sessions) for $997 per month.
  • For customized option, contact Kyung for more info.

If you are physically active and are looking for ways for emotional and/or mental relief, you can learn more about Holistic Healing Meditation Program here.

We also offer the 6 week Private Holistic Healing Meditation program with either Holistic Yoga or Hwalgong (Korean Healing) through 6 weekly 2hr sessions

   Click here to schedule an appointment with Kyung for a Private Introductory Session online for $39.

Thank you & Namaste!