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"Think & Grow Harmoniously" Master Heart Dream List

~ Envisioning Heaven on Earth ~

 Name: _______________________ Date: _______________

There are three parts to TGH Master Heart Dream List Envisioning Paradise on Earth; 1) I am, 2) I see and 3) I act.

Once completed, it is continuously updated as your life unfolds each day.

Part I: I am – core values, purpose & mission and desires

  • Core values:
  • Why (purpose & mission):
  • Desire statement:
  • Affirmation/Declaration statement: I am…

Part II: I see – dreams, visions & goals

Past wins & celebrations

  • ...
  • Relationship & Family Dream list
  • My perfect clients/business partners/employers/colleagues:
  • My soul mate & companion:
  • My parents (father & mother, grandparents)
  • My children (sons & daughters, grandchildren):
  • My siblings (sister/brother):
  • My friends & relatives:

Physical Health Dream list

Emotional & Mental Health Dream list

Career & Financial Health Dream list

Social & Community Dream list

My Top 3 goals for the next 6/12 months


Part III: I act – Attractive Healthy Action List

  • Practice yoga/tai-chi/qi-gong/meditation/dancing/hiking/running/walking/exercising physical body to keep my heart open and strong.
  • Read and speak out loud my affirmation/declaration statement daily, thinking about it, visualizing it, seeing it and being it.
  • Ask yourself "What's the most important thing that I can do today that I won't regret tomorrow?"
  • Ask for divine guidance everyday or whenever it is needed or wanted.
  • Maintain a journal of daily gratitude list
  • Expect miracles everyday and celebrate!